Campaign details

Brand: Akbank
Agency: Hype
Region: EMEA



As Akbank, we have been investing heavily on digital marketing for a long while to enlarge the numbers of customers using our credit cards. However, in 2018 we needed incremental reach which would turn into incremental sales. In order to get incremental sales, we need to expand our media mixx. In light of our internal data, we knew two things: 1. especially since mid 2017 55% of the credit card sales have been done through our Digital channels. 2. The customers have higher tendency to use mobile(including mobile app and web) . Thus, once again, we knew that we should heavily focus on mobile inventories. Further, the statistics was showing that there were 51 million social media users in Turkey, of which 44 million of them were mobile. Intersecting these 3 insights, it was pretty clear that we should look for our potential customer on social media platforms that are heavily used on mobile. Since we were already advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube the next big step would be to try Twitter. The problem was, Twitter was not really considered as a performance channel. We know the medium had a great potential, but we had to use it very wisely.

Target Audience