Campaign details

Brand: Toyota
Lead Agency: AdColony
Region: North America


Driving Awareness — Given the strong competition in the crowded hatchback space, AdColony was challenged with the objective of driving awareness of the Toyota Corolla Hatchback, the stylish and sporty update to the long-standing bestseller Corolla. The youth market, however, historically showed interest in other hatchbacks, specifically the Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen Golf.

Target Audience

Toyota wanted to leverage the recognition of Corolla with affordability and reliability, and therefore wanted to targeted an audience that would value these two qualities – a young, Hispanic demographic. Their larger push and messaging on traditional media thus needed augmentation to reach this audience that is more digital and generally not engaged with traditional media – hence the focus on mobile. Seven in 10 Hispanic consumers own a smartphone, and their daily time spent on mobile is nearly an hour higher (3 hours total) than that of their non-Hispanic counterparts. And they are more likely to research purchases on a phone, according to eMarketer.

Creative Strategy