John Maynard Keynes famously said that our biggest problem in the future would be how to spend our leisure time, as we would only be working 15 hours each week.

Unless by 'working' he meant 'commuting', the opposite seems to be true. And a few weeks ago, I went on a trip that made me realise this same reverse progression may be happening in customer experience too.

We were on a family day out on one of those delightfully old steam trains. The journey began with a friendly guard welcoming us on board, checking our tickets, and showing us to our seats. And what seats they were. Deep leather cushions you could fall asleep on, each seat with its own wood-panelled, spacious table to spread our picnic out on, and next to huge windows made for daydreaming.

It was during one of those window-staring sessions that it occurred to me how much more of a pleasant experience this was than my commute, despite this train being about 70 years older than the one I get to sit on/ stand in/watch speed past every day.