Ethics: Why the game of marketing needs rules

Hugh Burkitt
Marketing Society

Rules in a free market economy are difficult to frame in order to be both fair and, perhaps more significantly, to be effective. But they are clearly needed and Hugh Burkitt deftly analyses the different factors that influence rule makers, making the important point that these rules change and evolve over time to reflect society's concerns.

I have always hated authority – I think it comes from having had a severe and rather frightening nanny – and I have always believed that freedom of individual choice is an excellent thing. Indeed, I believe in a society where there is the maximum freedom of choice for everyone.

I also believe that it is morally right for all organisations to be focused on serving their customers – rather than serving themselves. How hateful it is flying with Alitalia (well, it was 25 years ago, when I last flew with them and vowed never to experience their appalling customer service again). And how infuriating it is to stand in a queue outside the Balham Royal Mail sorting office at midday on a Saturday and be told the staff have decided to close for the day with your parcel from Amazon inside.