Economic recovery: Is Britain in a post-traumatic state?

Caroline Hayter
Acacia Avenue

You only have to read the headlines to see that the British public is doing its level best to put the recession behind it. But we're dogged with incidents and issues that remind us that we may not yet be in a position to move on.

As many psychologists will tell you, once someone has been through a big trauma, the healing process takes time. We may think we can walk away from the woes of the past six years, but the experience will forever be imprinted into our collective DNA.

So, what does this mean for marketers? Six years on from the spectacular fall of Lehman Brothers, what will be washed away with the tides of the recession and what will remain washed up on the beach, affecting our lives at a deeper level as we move forward?

Dr James Thompson is a senior lecturer in psychology at UCL, working with victims of trauma. An interview with him reveals insight into what we might really be up against.