Disruptive strategies work and minimise envy

Rory Sutherland
Ogilvy Group UK

Creative ideas can be kind of stupid but they should not be killed at birth, writes Rory Sutherland.

If you want to lead a sane and well-ordered life, do not marry someone who has worked for any time in the creative department of an advertising agency. For good and ill, the job instils in you a lifelong fear of the obvious: the urge to question every orthodoxy and to rail against every consensus.

This is tiring. Especially for people around you.

A few years ago, we decided we needed a new toaster. Our old toaster was not only prone to producing alarming sparks and occasional outbursts of flame, but its slot was far too narrow, meaning that every slice of bread thicker than industrial-sliced white was liable to get stuck between the elements.