Brand success in the digital age

Les Binet and Peter Field

Building on their new IPA report, The Long and the Short of it, Les Binet and Peter Field provide the definitive analysis of how communications work in building value for brands. The findings – particularly the roles of emotional priming for long-term effects and rational messaging for short-term effects – have profound implications for how digital channels should be used to improve business success.

The new IPA report, The Long and the Short of it, examines the major differences between what drives success over different timeframes. The report is based on analysis of around a thousand effectiveness case studies in the IPA Databank that provide robust data on what works. With marketers' attention increasingly focused on the ability of digital channels to deliver instant results, the report warns that this will not deliver long-term success unless complemented by longer-term activity to strengthen the brand.

Digital is only part of the picture