Facebook focuses on ad platform development

Todd Steinman


Since going public, Facebook has introduced many new products in an effort to develop its nascent advertising platform. These updates include: real-time bidding (Facebook Exchange); unbundling Facebook ad products – including an a la cart newsfeed offering; the ability to purchase Sponsored Stories in desktop and mobile Newsfeed, and tracking performance by channel; increased targeting options to fans and Friends of Fans (FOFs) and launching Self-Serve Premium ads.

Details & Implications

  • Value of 'à la carte': Instead of one-size-fits-all, now almost every slice of Facebook's media inventory will be decoupled and offered à la carte through self-serve auction. For advertisers, this creates new targeting efficiencies and should improve ROI results across the board. Five à la carte placements are available through the Ads API and Power Editor (see chart). These will not be supported through the main self-serve ad dashboard, nor will they be available through Facebook advertising reps or insertion orders. It's important to call out that this means going forward, mobile and desktop Newsfeed ad placement can only be purchased through self-serve online bidding.