MG New Energy returns to the European market to create cost-effective products for "tomorrow's consumers"

The century-old British sports car brand MG (MG) withdrew from the stage of history, and SAIC Motor led it back to the European market, focusing on a full range of electric vehicles. Faced with the market challenge that new energy is becoming mainstream but consumers still feel that electric vehicles are more expensive, MG's new product MG4 Electric in 2022 will focus on the creative concept "Settle for More" when it is launched, with a subversive TVC creative vision, At the same time, with the help of a new generation of electric technology models that can make electric vehicles more cost-effective, tell consumers that they need not compromise on the basic and ordinary, and that they do not need to compromise on "you can only afford this". In the end, the idea was translated and disseminated in more markets, which also helped MG become the European sales champion of Chinese auto brands.

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Case Details

Brand: MG Europe

Brand owner: SAIC

Creative Agency: SuperHeroes Amsterdam

Market: Europe


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