Slogans in Advertising

When well-used and oft-repeated, a slogan can become part of the fabric of a brand. But how do you build a strong connection between slogan and brand? It’s not simply a matter of tacking a slogan onto an ad, because an ad with a slogan isn’t necessarily more effective than an ad without one. A slogan that is merely an endline or sign-off to an ad is unlikely to make a contribution to the success of either the advertising or the brand; the creative must integrate the brand and slogan in such a way that the slogan can strengthen branding, or have some other effect.


Slogans are a familiar feature of advertising; about two-thirds of all the ads in our global Link database include slogans. However, we observe a great deal of variety in the way slogans are used. The brand name may or may not be included. The slogan may be set to music. The slogan may be a new phrase or it may be one that is already familiar. Overall, among all TV ads that include slogans, 44 percent include the brand name, 36 percent include slogans that have been used before, and 7 percent include slogans set to music.