Executive Summary

Toyota AYGO - Go Your Own Way

This is the story of how Toyota took a deep breath and handed over control of the Toyota AYGO campaign to four drag queens and as a result achieved two of the AYGO's best quarters ever.

The reasons for this brave new approach were the significant challenges the AYGO faced. In early 2018, AYGO was an end of lifecycle model and needed a shot in the arm. Competing in the competitive but declining small car segment with a dominant competitor, Fiat 500, who was outspending AYGO by 9x.

The target segment of 'Free Spirits' are younger (18-34), more emotionally-led, first time car buyers who are tricky to reach and well versed in ignoring advertising.

Our approach was to celebrate individuals who embodied the feeling of liberation you get from your first car. They had to be as creative and fun as the car itself and be different from the usual suspects you'd find in a car ad. This is where the drag queens came in.