Executive Summary

Since its founding in late 2015, Syft has sought to drive up standards for employers and jobseekers.

As Uber has revolutionised how we travel and Deliveroo how we dine, Syft's goal has been to make the flexible staffing sector open, fair and transparent through the use of innovative technology. This involves tackling long-term industry issues, such as recruiting and retaining diligent, experienced staff, and ingrained behaviours, such as an aversion to technology. Also, in recent years, Brexit has posed a real threat to the staffing, hospitality and industrial fields, all of which heavily rely on a stream of European workers coming to the UK.

Additionally, the sectors Syft currently supplies staff to are huge contributors to the UK economy; hospitality is the country's 3rd largest employer, while logistics employs 1 in 12 of the nation's working people. Syft has become a growing force in these industries, transforming their hiring practices, while ensuring that our pool of workers are of a reliably high quality; skilled, experienced, and fully compliant. This has involved incentivising staff through good pay and perks, tackling negative employment perceptions and effectively engaging with the public through marketing.