Executive Summary


Increase the proportion of women in Scotland who do their smear test (focused on 25-34s, C2DE - the lowest uptake group).

Scale of the task

There are few health checks women hate more than the dreaded smear test. Many young women bin their invitation on sight. This paper shows how even a topic as unwelcome as a cold speculum up the vagina, can harness the power of emotionally intelligent creativity.

Many a client would have laughed appreciatively at the concept for this advertising campaign, before progressing with something 'a little less risky'. Particularly a Government client. Because this idea was risky:

  • A 50 second video (when Facebook recommend under 15).
  • A Government campaign using language like "don't fanny about".
  • Spending taxpayers' money on CGI vagina flowers.

But the Scottish Government and NHS Health Scotland knew they'd need an extraordinary creative idea to stand a hope of winning women's attention on a topic they went out of their way to avoid.