OxfordSM: Becoming a truly values-led organisation

Executive Summary

Like most marketing consultants, we've always put 99% of our skills and energy into meeting the needs of our clients. Although proud of our growth and success, we were beginning to take each other for granted. And despite working extensively in healthcare and social marketing, we weren't focused enough on our own resilience.

This is the story of how we actually applied our consulting skills to our own business, in order to make sure we were fit for our own future.

The challenge

OxfordSM has been operating for 25 years, working virtually (all consultants are home-based) and constantly expanding our team and the type and scale of work we undertake. Facing a competitive situation for the best staff, as well as the challenge of continuously winning great clients, we felt we needed to re-establish what we stood for. And then we faced a very sad situation - a colleague took her own life -which made us think deeply about mental health, resilience, and the need to support each other.