Introduction and Market Background

Karma Group is a privately owned company operating 29 luxury resorts across 4 continents. Chairman and Founder John Spence, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, set out to create a new type of travel offering, appealing to those looking for a "five star hippy experience", whether on the beaches of Asia or the ski slopes of Europe.

The travel market has become very competitive and cluttered. Especially in South East Asia which has been Karma's traditional heartland. Karma is competing against major multinational hotel groups with huge advertising budgets. Standing out is difficult. And especially when the key differentiator between Karma and the more corporate branded competitors is down to something you can only really experience by being there.

Between 2015-2016 John expanded significantly beyond Asia, with several new resorts opening in Europe. At the very heart of John's proposition is that if you experience Karma, and you are a Karma type of person, you will become a Karma "junkie" – whether it is "feet-in-the-sand" island life on the tiny Gili Islands, luxury villa living in Bali, chilled Karma Beach Club DJ sets, award winning "Martini and Manicure" spa sessions, exclusive events with their award winning mixologists overlooking Paradise Beach in Mykonos, or 6 Nations intimate lunches with player Ambassadors.