Executive Summary

This case study tells the story of one of the world's largest banks willing to change its identity during a period of global economic uncertainty. How they put all their faith behind a single icon to ensure consistency across all markets and business lines and at the same time managed to galvanise their 240 000 employees.

It will outline the challenges the HSBC brand faced in the middle of this decade with a lack of clear brand purpose and a fragmented and inconsistent identity. Challenges that ultimately led to a collapse on brand value. How they championed a new brand promise of 'Together we thrive' and by doing so told positive, inspirational and sometimes controversial stories of global prosperity, progression and pride.

It will explain how by elevating a part of their heritage to be the centre of their logo, they managed to make an icon, iconic. And in applying this device to all facets of the business, they managed to build strength back into the very fabric of the brand as a positive force and not only increase their brand value but create an identity that is culturally meaningful and brave.