Executive Summary

In October 2018, easyJet launched Look&Book: the world s first-ever photo-basea flight search functionality.

Look&Book lets you book a flight simply by uploading a photo -say, a screengrab of your friend's holiday snap on social media - into the easyJet app. Since its launch, tens of thousands of people have done just that.

In a world where visual, peer-to-peer inspiration via social media is ever-more important in shaping where travellers want to go, this groundbreaking innovation puts easyJet uniquely at the heart of that behaviour, short-cutting and streamlining the customer experience from inspiration to booking in a way no other travel brand has done.

The product - now available on the main easyJet app - is in the pockets of nearly 1m customers in the UK alone, and is soon to be rolled out across easyJet's other markets.

Not only has the product solved a customer pain point by simplifying the journey from inspiration to booking, but in the process it's created a new sales channel, delivering directly attributable revenue: in just the first two months, 24,000 customers uploaded photos, with a conversion rate of over 5% vs an industry benchmark of just 1.5%.