How thinking like a tech brand helped set Robinsons free

John Harrison

Executive summary

In early 2014, against the backdrop of a stagnant market, Robinsons launched SQUASH'D – a super-concentrated squash that could flavour 20 drinks of water, yet fit into your pocket.

The SQUASH'D product design made Robinsons physically available for the vast number of 'out of home' water drinking occasions – somewhere that traditional squash, with its large bottles kept in the kitchen cupboard, barely featured.

In order to establish mental availability, we needed to make SQUASH'D synonymous with flavouring water out of the home – thereby launching an entirely new category and an entirely new consumption behaviour.

The answer lay in communications changing the relationship that people had with Robinsons.

Taking our lead from the mobile phone inspired design of the pack, we looked deeper into tech brands to understand how they managed to forge the kind of personal and frequent connections with their target that we wanted to create. This led us to eschew a traditional FMCG communications approach and instead adopt four communications principles used by tech brands.