Executive Summary

Insurance companies make money by minimising their exposure to risk. Maybe no surprise, then, that it's not exactly a category that's associated with the most daring advertising and brand communications either. But in creating the Cyber Threat campaign, the marketing and agency team at Hiscox team were brave enough to push for something great, when 'good' had been working just fine.

When the same old data and insight told us to stick to the same old type of messaging, we decided we needed to twist instead. It led us to challenge the data, and to dig deeper into wider cultural concerns about the emerging threat of cybercrime.

Through 2018, we set up a real time cyber experiment with 'honeypot' servers to expose the true extent of cyberattacks on UK businesses. We created a mind-bending radio campaign written by artificial intelligence. And we collaborated with the bike manufacturer, Brompton, to demonstrate what a cyber-attack would look like in the real world.