The challenge

HCL Technologies had a problem.

The $7 Billion Global IT services company comprised of 100000+ Ideapreneurs across 31 countries, which adds tens of thousands to its ranks annually has a falling image as a career destination amongst Indian millennials on college campuses- the talent pool of tomorrow.

This was cause for concern as HCL is an organization of millennials, with over 75% of our workforce belonging to Gen-Y (under ages 35yrs).

A decreasing presence on India b-school and e-school coupled with decreasing attractiveness of IT/ITES as a sector to pursue a career have led to HCL's Talent brand equity taking a massive hit.

Amongst millennials, IT/ITES firms such as HCL are increasingly less preferred as destinations for a career, with college going students who aspire for the tech industry, in favor of product based companies associated with innovation such as Google ,Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook or the rising clutch of homegrown Indian tech start-ups: Ola, Zomato, Flipkart etc.