It was time for Godiva, a niche luxury brand known for expertly crafted Belgian chocolate, to enter select, mainstream channels.

Godiva had ten small-but-perfectly-formed boutique stores, and a handful of concessions selling beautifully crafted Belgian chocolate. The vision was to become widely available in grocers across not just the UK (our focus here), but also the entire world. For Godiva, this was a brave shift from luxury boutique chocolate to everyday luxury, where they would be sold in the premium chocolate category.

Some might simply take the chocolate from the boutiques and put it in supermarkets, at a discount, in the hope a price deal will entice shoppers to switch competitors. It could work for that one-off sales peak, but it won't build a brand. Most likely it will get you de-listed.

The right strategy:

  • Celebrate the luxury specialness of Godiva
  • Create a new product that's perfect for everyday luxury
  • Partner with the right supermarket and position the product at the right price
  • Side-step brand-loyalists and instead seduce a new audience to grow the entire category
  • Then prove repeat sales to fully establish Godiva as long-term brand that grocers want.

Launch Objectives