New Year's Day (NYD) is the most important day of the year for takeaways. It's also the biggest sales-driving day for Domino's, with the brand expecting to make 350,000 pizzas – that's eight pizzas a second.

We knew that maintaining momentum during such a business-critical period would require no small amount of steadfast marketing – we'd have to drive as many people to their website and app as possible.

NYD is a tricky moment to gain cut-through or SOV. It's saturated with brands vying for attention, with Just Eat alone predicting it would sell 500,000 dishes on NYD.

We also knew that NYD is plagued with the same old monotonous dialogue; new year, new you, righting wrongs and writing resolutions. With each and every brand competing for virtuosity share.

To make things even more challenging, it's statistically the most hungover day of the year – meaning an audience that weren't exactly geared and primed to watch ads.

So rather than cook up the same old advertising, pandering to the same old cliches, we would launch a pop-up 24-hour channel full of content people would truly want in their time of need.