Executive Summary

In 2016, Absolut faced a challenge. Craft vodka was stealing share in its biggest markets and as a result, distrust of 'big vodka' had started to grow.

Whilst Absolut is undeniably a big vodka, its production methods are small, craft-conscious and nothing but "onodigt bra" ("unnecessarily good").

Absolut was in danger of being grouped in with the wrong crowd.

Worse still, the marketing practices of other big vodkas were being called into question, even taken to court. All amidst the biggest societal conversation for a decade: fake news.

Instead of racing to make advertising, we galvanised internally.

Against a tide of murky morals, we rallied around the truth at the heart of the company, found a powerful language to express it and made our employees the star of a video that brought it to life.

But this was not just any employee video.

This was an employee video that saw 28 employees, including the CEO, get naked in a field in Sweden. It united marketing and operations in new ways. It inspired one of the biggest spirits businesses in the world to be more audacious. And ultimately, was seen by 8 million people, generating 100m PR impressions.

Team Bravery, The Swedish Way