Agency: Havas Riverorchid Cambodia
Country: Cambodia

Summary statement

Cambodians, and rural Cambodians in particular, hold a number of beliefs engrained over millennia. As our campaign strategy shall show, these include two views that:-

  1. Fate will decide - the individual is largely powerless to act against her.
  2. And Fate - far more often than not - is cruel, not kind.

Historically prone negative expectations, and deeply fatalistic, rural Cambodians believe that they are largely powerless to influence outcomes - and that outcomes are more likely to be detrimental than beneficial.

When briefed by Unilever to create a massive travelling rural activation supporting 10 of their brands, we saw an opportunity not to echo these insights, but to subvert them. For whilst Cambodians might believe in Fate, and believe Fate is more cruel than kind - they wish it were not so.

We created five travelling carnivals, which toured the country over three and a half months, conducting events in 400 venues, involving a face to face audience of over 800,000 people. Starting each festival day with brand demonstrations and competitions in wet markets and schools, and culminating in the evening with brand shows, sampling, and a beauty contest, the highlight of the piece was a custom-made movie.