Agency: Dentsu
Country: Japan

Summary statements

The goal was to change the negative attitude towards bananas browning, when going bad, into entertainment. Poking a banana peel with a pin oxidizes the tannins, turning the spot brown. We developed "banan-art," a pointillistic art form that utilizes this discoloration. Posting works of art on social media generated quite a reaction, with numerous users posting pictures of their own creations.

We then set up a website with a bananart simulator for people who didn't have a banana nearby to still enjoy the phenomenon. The simulator even mimics the time lag between when the peel is poked and when it turns brown, making the experience surprisingly realistic. Finished bananart can be shared on social media. Whereas a real piece of bananart would quickly turn completely brown, these virtual creations can be saved forever. Furthermore, we attempted to make the world's first "bananart animation" using 1,500 bananart works by 100 elementary students. This was released as an online commercial and featured on a number of TV shows. All these initiatives served to increase the brand recognition of Chiquita Bananas and increase sales, taking our market share from 4th in 4th in 2014 to 3rd in 2015

Campaign strategy