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Agency: Deakin University 
Country: Australia

Summary statement

In a nutshell, Deakin's Mind Racer activation is an 'innovative idea' personified. Mind Racer took the retro, yet nostalgic, concept of slot-car racing and gave it a futuristic twist providing players with the opportunity to drive the slot cars on a race track using brain power. We are not aware of any other university running an activation such as this ever before. This exciting, immersive and interactive experience was presented to our prospective students at our largest recruitment event for the year, Open Day, which is held at a time when high school students are making decisions about their university preferences. Not only did Mind Racer push the technical boundaries of what's possible, it suited Deakin's mantra to a tee - to drive the digital frontier. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received is testament to the impression it left on players and spectators alike.

Campaign strategy