CES 2015: Challenging OOH to get smart

Anna Griggs

There's never been a more exciting time for out of home media. The OOH of today can be digital, interactive, experiential, data-driven, and dynamic. It can connect with mobile devices and transcend traditional media categories. With out of home evolving so rapidly, it's important for Kinetic to stay ahead of the curve and up to date on the latest technology that will shape our world. That's why this year a group from Kinetic attended the Consumer Electronics Show – the world's largest showcase for innovation. Here's our round up of the trends we saw in six key areas and our insight into how they'll impact our channel.

Smart Cars

CES was full of examples of how innovation is now occurring faster than our society can regulate it or adjust to it. For example, this year it seemed like nearly every major auto manufacturer was at CES showing off completely or partially autonomous vehicles. The technology to enable cars to drive themselves is already ready to roll out on the road, but lack of consumer comfort with the concept, and the need for new insurance regulations and laws to govern the use of such vehicles means that fully autonomous vehicles aren't yet available to buy.