KFC Cat Live

KFC, which is committed to the localization of China, is constantly innovating. This time, it focuses on the famous traditional dish - fish-flavored pork shreds, and launched the Chinese breakfast series "Fish-flavored Pork Shredded Rice Balls/Flat Pancakes". In order to prove that authentic Chinese food can be made as a "foreign fast food", KFC chose the most "authentic" spokesperson for Yuxiang Pork Shredded - Cat to bring goods to its live broadcast to attract consumers to buy.

Case Details

Brand: KFC

Brand owner: Yum China YUM CHINA

Main Agency: Dentsu Creative (Isobar)

Launched on the market: Mainland China

Delivery time: 2021/7/19-2021/8/19

Industry: Food and Catering

Media channels:live broadcast, social media (Little Red Book, Weibo),...

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