Nunan and Di Domenico (2018) suggested that marketing research courses should be renamed to "marketing analytics," which is also consistent with a book title published by Venkatesan, Farris, and Wilcox (2014). Such rebranding is needed, although courses entitled "customer intelligence" or "customer insights" further emphasize the relevance of retaining current customers and developing their lifetime value in the mature markets of many contemporary Western economies.

Redefining the content of quantitative marketing courses

Next to this name-based repositioning, the content of analytics courses in the marketing discipline should include transactional data, which have become of increasing strategic relevance. Furthermore, Big Data, derived from, for example, online interactions with customers, are also used by various organizations. Note that transactional data cannot be considered as Big Data. In terms of the well-known three V's, the volume of transactional data is not particularly large (gigabytes and sometimes terabytes, but not petabytes), there is limited variety as transactional data are mostly structured, and velocity does not apply as transactional data are usually processed in batches at set time intervals.