Market-oriented companies use feedback from the marketplace to drive strategic and tactical decisions (Kohli & Jaworski, 1990; Narver & Slater, 1990). From a customer retention perspective, market researchers often implement customer satisfaction research to discover how to improve the customer experience (Woodruff & Gardial, 1996). To accomplish this objective, customer satisfaction researchers need to understand both attribute importance and satisfaction (Mikulić, Prebežac, & Dabić, 2016). Concerning attribute importance, market researchers have traditionally employed both stated importance analysis and key driver analysis (i.e. statistically inferred analysis; Bacon, 2003; Greenland, Combe, & Farrell, 2016). While the debate continues as to which method is best, most academic researchers and practitioners tend to rely more on key driver approaches to determine attribute importance (Büschken, Otter, & Allenby, 2013; Garver, 2003; Gray, 2014; Johnson, 2017).