Towards a better measure of customer experience

Philipp Klaus

ESCE International Business School

Stan Maklan

Cranfield University School of Management

The background

In our article asking if market researchers were using the right measures to help their firms improve customer experience, we established that customer experience was conceptually different from service quality and hence requires a new corresponding measurement (Klaus & Maklan 2007). The role of measurement in successfully implementing and executing strategy is long established and well documented (e.g. Martilla & James 1977). This role is particularly crucial for new emerging paradigm shifts (Bowden 2009) such as the most recent one towards customer experience management (Smith & Milligan 2002).

Based on research and literature, we defined customer experience as: the customer’s cognitive and affective assessment of all direct and indirect encounters with the firm relating to their purchasing behaviour. This definition is highly consistent with conceptualisations offered by other researchers (e.g. Verhoef et al. 2009; Lemke et al. 2010).