In a culture that highly values "listening to" consumers, online research communities have been actively employed as an alternative to traditional online research techniques (Rappaport, 2010; Wiesenfeld, Busy, & Sikdar, 2010). As a platform for participative and conversational research, marketers appreciate the efficacy of company-sponsored market research online communities (MROCs), which are closed to invited members for brand interaction in response to topics prompted by the researchers or marketers (Comley, 2008; Heinze, Ferneley, & Child, 2013; Schillewaert, De Ruyck, & Verhaeghe, 2009). Embracing consumers' voices in MROCs provides companies with ways to capture consumer insights, evaluate new products, as well as improve product quality. Participation of MROCs allows consumers to share opinions about the brand, become connected with other consumers, gain new product information, and exchange advice with others in their community (Baldus, Voorhees, & Calantone, 2015; Füller, Mühlbacher, Matzler, & Jawecki, 2009; Rappaport, 2010).