We would like to respond to Moussa's (2019) viewpoint, "Is this love that I'm feelin'?" and provide our point of view in this regard. We agree with some of the points, such as that (1) emotions can last only seconds or longer and (2) love as an emotion that people can experience in consumption contexts. However, we disagree with six of Moussa's (2019) arguments for operationalizing brand love as an emotion.

Argument 1: "The problem with such definitions and conceptualizations is that they are built on the ill-founded assumption that brand love is identical to interpersonal love."

Our Response: While it is true that brand love is not the same as interpersonal love, that is not the only way to operationalize it. Brand love can be perfect two-way love, imperfect two-way love, or perfect one-way love (Junaid et al., 2019b). Even its least dynamic form, perfect oneway love, does not restrict its ability to be a relationship (Fetscherin, 2014).