Vodafone Egypt: How to make small seem big

JWT Cairo

Summary: How to make small seem big Fakka from Vodafone Egypt

Egypt is a poor country where the telecom category is highly competitive and driven by price via promotions targeting prepaid users (90% of the population). Vodafone's challenge was to compete on value, not just price. Vodafone wanted to introduce Micro Credit Recharge cards (priced between 7.5 and 45 cents.)

Had we looked at such cards as cheaper versions of prepaid cards, then inevitably we would be inviting more price-led marketing and communication. Our discovery: it is common practice for shopkeepers of various types to substitute small change for low value items such as chewing gum, candy etc. We decided to shift our frame of reference and positioned the Micro Credit Recharge card as relative to small things given as change (nails, biscuits, candy, etc.)

A new name Fakka (Egyptian slang for change) came to mind quite naturally. The distribution was extended to neighborhood stores. 46,000 in total! TV commercials established the frame of reference and built the high value of the Micro Recharge card, in a didactic yet lighthearted way.