Under Armour: I will what I want

Campaign details

Agency: Droga5
Brand: Under Armour
Advertiser: Under Armour


This is the story of how Under Armour turned their uber-masculine sportswear brand into a symbol of female athletic aspiration.

We set out to solve a critical business problem-how does Under Armour win over a massive new target that outright rejects the brand? It started with a truth about how their new target approaches fitness, then evolved into a big cultural insight about what it means to be a woman in the twenty-first century. This translated into a creative idea that connected Under Armour's strong performance values to the true stories of women today achieving success on their own terms. The campaign put the brand at the heart of a cultural conversation, achieving a complete turnaround in connecting with their new target and an astonishing 28-percent sales increase. Even more, the campaign became a rallying cry that women everywhere could truly call their own.