There was a time when Canadians would've almost unanimously named Oh Henry! their go-to hunger solution. Twenty years ago, the "Oh Hungry? Oh Henry!" campaign cemented the brand's hunger credentials with its audience.

But that was the 90s, and that generation of snackers is now heading into their 50s, and the brand needed to expand beyond them.

We'd become a dusty old "dad bar." We had to create a new generation of loyalists with very modest budgets.

This case demonstrates how we made Oh Henry!'s hunger-filling bar relevant to younger consumers. It sums up how we recognized a unique opportunity in the cultural moment of 2018's cannabis legalization, and used it to reframe Oh Henry! as a truly superior, cannabis-friendly hunger solution, reestablishing in the process a long-lost rapport with Canadian youth.

We demonstrate how cultural relevance, brand utility, inventive connection strategy, and media usage firmly reestablished Oh Henry!'s hunger credentials.