This case study explains how TD Ameritrade, an online brokerage firm, inserted itself into the hottest cultural conversation, the blockchain and cemented its credibility with the community of cryptocurrency traders.

  • TD Ameritrade launched Bitcoin Futures trading but was not yet seen as a voice of authority among the niche audience of cryptocurrency traders.
  • Research into the blockchain community revealed an insight that in order to credibly join the conversation about the blockchain, we would need to let the blockchain do the talking for us.
  • TD Ameritrade turned the blockchain into a media channel by hacking the unhackable and placing a message where only the influencers could see it. We were the first brand to place an ad in the blockchain by creatively placing ASCII art to form the image of a flag - a symbol which spoke to the originality of the execution as well as our rich history of innovation.
  • In the end, we became a part of the blockchain conversation by being a part of it - literally. We deepened our credibility with cryptocurrency traders all while driving awareness of our new Bitcoin Futures product. Conversation around the brand grew with a 229% increase in social mentions and 26.7 million earned media impressions.