In 2016, the National Safety Council (NSC) had almost no awareness in the US. They had been so focused on their mission, eliminating causes of preventable deaths, that they hadn't been building their brand.

We believed that they could save more lives if people knew who they were.

We set out to turn NSC into a brand people recognized. We harnessed a cultural truth — that Americans fear the once-in-a-life-time deaths, not the everyday ones more likely to kill them — to establish their new brand platform: Stop Everyday Killers. In order to build momentum, we launched the platform with a campaign focused on a deadly, overlooked household killer: prescription opioids.

We learned that people knew our country had an opioid problem, but they didn't think addiction or overdoses could happen to them. We set out to confront them with the reality that it could.

The resulting campaign, "Prescribed to Death," solidified NSC's place as a leader fighting causes of preventable deaths. It jumpstarted a national conversation about the overlooked role of prescription opioids in our country's opioid epidemic. Most importantly, it equipped Americans with protective tool, a simple sticker to trigger life-saving conversations with their doctors.

Modesty Threatening Our Mission