Mountain Dew: Dew Bottle Tool

Campaign details

Agency: Sancho BBDO / Direktor Films
Brand: Mountain Dew
Advertiser: PepsiCo


This is a story that shows a strategy that was conceived by living, eating, sleeping and even training next to our target during 7 days. A strategy that helped reestablish a relationship that was lost between the brand, Mountain Dew and the main source of our business, one of the most complicated targets that any market could come across with, skaters.

Because when it comes to brands for them, anything that feels like advertising, generates almost an immediate rejection.

Our plan was to convert our product into something that the skaters in Colombia would love. To achieve this we created Dew Bottle Tool a unique and special edition where we fused our soda with a tool to repair skateboards.

A bit of background

Mountain Dew arrived in Colombia in 2012 with a huge launch, full of innovative actions with a disruptive and different communication. The market response was more than favorable, in a short time the brand was able to become the 5th brand in the market.