Executive Summary

R.I.P. Simon: Giving a brand a new lease of life, by publicly killing its mascot.

Life Direct is NZ's leading life insurance comparison site, and Simon the Sloth had been the brand's mascot for nearly a decade. The challenge for Life Direct was to create relevance, particularly among the under 40's: a group that is under-insured, just when they most need to be thinking about life insurance.

Life Direct needed to break free from the category 'blandtage', and get this audience up close and personal with the main thing missing from life insurance…


So we killed Simon.

He plummeted down a cliff when out for a hike.

His untimely demise was aired once, simultaneously, on 25 NZ TV channels. Next, we published a full-page obituary, announcing that Simon had died without specifying his life insurance beneficiaries.