Jackson Hole, Wyoming, consists of 97% protected lands, making it a compelling destination for travelers seeking adventure, authenticity and rugged beauty. But with more people visiting than ever before, these fragile landscapes were threatened.

The culprit? Geotagging. What was once an intimate moment in a remote place of beauty was now being instantly broadcast to millions.

Social media was leaving digital trails that were putting Jackson Hole's wilderness at risk.

Yet insight into our audience revealed that their actions contradicted their beliefs. Visitors to Jackson Hole strongly value conservation, yet were unaware of the environmental harm they were causing with a simple geotag.

From there our strategy was born: Keep Jackson Hole Wild.

With a clever hack, we created a generic location called Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild. Through social content, posters and print, we encouraged people to ditch geotags and use our generic tag instead.