The Summary

The foreign tourists in India stuck to the 'touristy' stereotypes like Agra, Jaipur and Goa rather than explore newer, offbeat places. This hurt the Indian tourism industry because the dollars got concentrated in a few places and didn't percolate down to the grassroots. So the task was to make the foreign tourist spend more time (and money) in exploring newer places. But it was easier said than done – thanks to the previous campaigns which had promoted these stereotypical 'touristy' places.

The solution started with a simple truth - the longer one stays, the more transformed he gets. This in turn gave rise to the strategic shift – from India as a destination to India as a transformation. This shift also got corroborated by a new tribe of global travellers - the experience-seeker.

From all this was born the campaign idea of 'Find the Incredible You'. This campaign was brought alive through a series of transformative autobiographies based on unique Indian experiences like yoga and ayurveda. We launched it in 10 languages across 16 countries to a phenomenal online response. Most importantly, it made the foreign tourist spend more money (and time) in exploring India beyond the stereotypical 'touristy' places.