Business Challenge

Drive cultural relevance and shopper traffic

Helzberg Diamonds is a time-honored company with over 100 years in a time-honored category – wedding and engagement jewelry. But the brand was fading from visibility and relevance in a category that was itself under siege.

Changing times presented two basic business threats to Helzberg as a mostly mall- and physical-store-based retailer:

  1. Falling U.S. mall traffic puts 20%-25% of all malls at risk of closure in the next five years*, meaning reduced passing foot traffic to drive shoppers and ultimately, sales.
  2. A combined attack of new ecommerce-only and discount stores dominated the cultural conversation around diamond rings. Helzberg, along with traditional stores in general, was fading from cultural relevance.

Big Cultural Challenges

The time-honored category was standing still in time when it came to imagery: