When Harry's came to us for a positioning strategy in 2016, they were doing great business-wise, but not making great waves in culture. Together, we felt the need to change that. We developed a positioning that built on their existing culture-forward values, but pushed far beyond – landing on the insight that in today's context, to do better by our guys meant helping them express their whole selves beyond shaving, as decades of conflicting messaging around masculinity had contributed massively to a growing male mental health crisis globally that we, as a grooming brand, were in a position to address.

It's no exaggeration to say that since adopting our thinking around progressive masculinity, every single aspect of the company has shifted to embrace it – from Marketing and Product Design through to Talent and Procurement. These days, when Harry's co-founders Jeff and Andy get on stages they never thought they'd be on to talk about the impact their brand is having, they proudly refer to our positioning as why they actually set up the company in the first place, but hadn't known to articulate. This is the story of how a positioning strategy galvanized an entire organisational culture into being its best self.