Doctors of the World: More than a costume

Campaign details

Agency: Publicis NY
Brand: Doctors of the World
Advertiser: Doctors of the World


This is a story of strategy in real time. It's messy, iterative, cooperative, exciting and, in an era where slo-mo brand building is a luxury, essential.

In October 2014, Doctors of the World needed to raise money. They were uniquely positioned to prevent the Ebola virus from spreading, but were a complete unknown in the United States. Worse, they'd missed the news cycle, when 90% of giving occurs.

In the days leading up to Halloween, the Ebola protective suit was quickly becoming 2014's most controversial costume. With our campaign, "More Than a Costume", Doctors of the World turned that costume into a donation device and emerged as an audacious, smart non-profit in a matter of days. Their lifetime donor base doubled in 72 hours. In seven days, Doctors of the World raised enough money to equip more than 4,600 doctors in West Africa with real Ebola suits.