Babyshop is the leading children's retailer in the Middle East. It has stood for "Celebrating parenthood". Its primary consumers are Arab mothers.

Now, in the Middle East, owing to a challenging socio-economic environment, retail brands shelved building equity and affinity, and instead, play the price-offs and discounts game. In the race to temporarily win share of wallet, the long-term importance of share-of-heart and winning respect is forgotten.

Arab mothers prefer buying from brands that mean something. Even though discounts tempt purse strings, they prefer buying into what the brand stands for and then, buy into the products sold.

We set out to reform the etymology of the Arabic word for "parenthood", which means "fatherhood", reflecting a traditional, patriarchal outlook, and created a new Arabic word.

Along with being an effective business move, getting Arab mothers resonating more with Babyshop, the idea has, importantly, influenced culture and the lexicon.