The summary

In Afghanistan, the infant mortality rate was 115 per 1000 live births, the worst in the world, with a vaccination completion rate of less than 50%. Years of conflict and deep rooted traditional biases meant doctors had to work without proper immunisation history. Parents simply did not see merit in getting their children vaccinated or maintaining vaccine records.

By identifying an existing cultural symbol of protection and giving it a new meaning, we created a new way for doctors to communicate with each other in absence of proper hospital records while encouraging the mothers to get their children vaccinated.

Over centuries, parents from across socioeconomic classes ensure their newborns wear a bracelet to protect them from evil forces. We reimagined the traditional bracelet to create a meaningful, ritualistic solution that is helping improve immunisation status of children.

The Immunity Charm - a simple thread with coloured beads where each bead represents a specific vaccine, that has been administered and added to the bracelet. These tiny coloured beads became a message between doctors to know the immunisation history of child in absence of any hospital based physical records while creating empowering the health workers to persuade mothers on the benefits of vaccination.