Adidas running had a few challenges.

The adidas global brand strategy HERE TO CREATE didn't work for running. Their business unit was split into different franchises, each its own campaign expressions. Therefore running was inconsistent and lacked the ability to have one singular brand message. Their tone and approach to communications was seen as superficial and they were not regarded by real runners as an authentic running brand. And they were making some of the best performing running shoes on the planet but real runners would never consider running in them. So, to relaunch the running category through the lens of creativity, we knew we needed more than just a new slogan, we needed a whole new POV for running.

To be successful, this creative strategy would need to be able to do the following:

  • Be a clear and inspiring definition of HERE TO CREATE for running.
  • Align and inspire all franchises under a singular brand idea.
  • Help the brand gain credibility with real runners as a true performance running brand.
  • Get real runners to run in our shoes.
  • Be the basis for the largest category repositioning campaign in the history of the brand.