Dahlen et al


  • Communicating brand passion by, for example, stating, “We love what we do,” in advertising boosts consumers’ product and brand evaluation.
  • The effect of brand passion on consumer response is mediated by both perceived brand effort and emotional contagion.
  • By using brand-passion statements in advertising, brands effectively can signal brand effort and increase consumers’ positive emotions.


Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Those words not only have influenced people worldwide, as evidenced by millions of online quotations, but also seemingly have inspired a great number of brands. Red Bull has advertised, “We love what we do,” and so have BIM Technologies, Travel Nation, and many other brands, ranging from cafés to hairdressers to furniture retailers, orthodontists, and (of course) advertising agencies, all of which pop up at a simple Google search. Sports apparel brand Under Armour advertises that they have a passion (for performance), whereas other brands state that they have a passion for fashion, skin care, beer, sunglasses, construction, and even grass, to name but a few.