Rethinking Short-Term Persuasion: A Proposed Approach for Marketers A Holistic Examination of Brand Incentives' Effectiveness to Drive Short-Term Sales

Carol Foley, David Kuhn and Elizabeth Harris

Leo Burnett Company, Inc.


  • Among the vast array of short-term sales tactics available to marketers today, consumers organize them into 11 basic types, each delivering specific benefits.
  • This consumer structure does not entirely align with how manufacturers and retailers typically organize them.
  • Although no one of the 11 is perceived to be significantly more effective than any other, there is a wide range of consumer-perceived effectiveness among the specific tactics within each of them, which suggests the need for pretesting to guide selection as well as in-market validation testing.
  • There are also some differences in perceived effectiveness among demographic targets, which suggests the need to tailor the offering to the target.